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  There are literally thousands of timeshare resale companies operating within the United States, most located in the state of Florida. The reality is there are only a handful that can actually "get the job done". The mission of this website is to educate and assist timeshare owners and to prevent them from falling victim to fraudulent timeshare companies. We are consumer advocates that are dedicated to putting a stop to timeshare fraud and offering legitimate help for consumers who have been a victim of fraud or misrepresentation within the timeshare industry.

Stop being a victim. Know the truth about the value of your timeshare, and stop the scam.
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Some Common Timeshare Resale Rip-offs and Scams.

No one can tell you when a timeshare is going to sell!

Sales Representatives for resale companies, unless they are licensed real estate agents, don't sell timeshares. They sit in a boiler room type setting soliciting other timeshare owners to sell or rent their unit. They are not real estate brokers or agents. By law they cannot show your timeshare to anyone or charge a commission on the sale. All they are able to do is put your advertisement online and wait for an interested party to find it. You can do that by yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

Many times the sales representative hands the phone off to an "manager" who then proceeds to tell you how much they need your property in their inventory and offer you a deal if you get this property listed today. The point is to hurry you into a sale with pressure. Sometimes the rep will pass the phone off or put you on hold while they see if they can get you "a discount" if you promise to sign up today. They will then return to the phone and tell you that they could not get a discount but the manager said you can pay half now and defer the other half until after the sale. Once again this is a tactic to hurry you into the sale.

A sales representative will tell you your time share is worth thousands more than you paid for it in hopes of getting you to sign up to sell your property with them. Fact is, your timeshare is worth a small fraction of what you originally paid for it from the resort.

This is probably the most common scam in the timeshare resale industry. Upfront fee companies claiming that they can sell your timeshare for a price comparable to or higher than what you paid. This is an absolute lie. It's not the upfront fee that's the scam. It is the lies they tell you to get the upfront fee. What they are selling is overpriced advertising that rarely, if ever, sells your timeshare. The telemarketer that calls you to sell or rent your timeshare is most likely sitting in a boiler room type environment. They are not Brokers or agents. By law they cannot show your timeshare to anyone, charge a commission on the sale or advise you of a recommended asking price for your timeshare. Providing you with an appraisal or a recommended asking price may be considered an act of being a licensed real estate agent/broker in most States and therefore may be fraudulent without a current and valid license.

They call you with the great news that they have your timeshare sold. All they need to do now is the title search for which you will have to pay them upfront for the title search. The company will then usually disappear, disconnect their phone number, or call you to tell you the Buyer backed out but they will apply the title search fee for the next sale on your timeshare, which should only take about 30 days. Guess what, your timeshare is not sold.

The representative from the resale company states that they are purchasing timeshare weeks for the executives of a large nationally known company or perhaps a sports team. This does not happen and the representative is telling you an outright lie.

You should never pay a fee for an appraisal for a timeshare. In most states it may be illegal for a resale company to charge a fee for an appraisal. All closing and title fees should be collected by the closing company, not the resale company, and should only be collected at the time of closing.


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